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Microgreens produced locally and organically 

Fresh Local Microgreen Subscription Boxes

Grown for the Community,
By the Community

We are a true non-profit. Every cent made from the sale of each subscription box goes back into the community to provide meals for seniors and disadvantaged people, programs for youth and children, work experience for people with special abilities, a home for animals and people to connect

The healthy, The tasty,
The Fun in Food

Microgreens are essentially baby plants which mean their nutrients are concentrated and their flavour is dense. Because their nutrition is so concentrated, microgreens are 4-400 times more nutritious than their mature counterparts, in a fraction of the amount consumed. Microgreens are fun to consume, no more eating an entire head of cauliflower, when just 20 grams of microgreens will do the trick!

One Click,

No more searching for what to buy at the grocery store and hoping the middle of the head of lettuce you buy isn’t rotten or full of bugs! You order on our website, pick your time for pickup, grab your pre-cut order from the fridge every week, same time same place. Freshness is guaranteed as they are cut and packaged the morning you pick up!

Fresh Cut, non gmo, organically grown microgreens packaged in 100% compostable containers

Our non-profit microgreenery supplies a weekly supply of nutrient dense, organic greens in a convenient box.  The microgreens we grow are produced locally on our farm in Langley, BC.

100% Organic

Grown By & For The Community

Improves Your Health

  • Pea Shoots
  • Radishes
  • Arugula
  • Sunflower
  • Broccoli
  • Mustard Microgreens
  • Kale
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Enjoy a variety pack of 3 microgreens per week (selected from the varieties seen  below). We take the guess work out of your shopping for you! 176 Grams (6 ounces) of nutrient dense,  organically grown microgreens packed in a 100% COMPOSTABLE IN 90 DAYS container, for  weekly, no contact pickups right from the farm we grow them at in South Langley. Cut the  same day you pick up and guaranteed to be the freshest microgreens you can buy!

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