What we do & who does it?

The Microgreenery is the newest addition to the Funny Farm. Our farm operates using the “side-by-side model of teaching”; well-trained and knowledgeable farmers with expertise in the growing of microgreens work with youth, their support workers and elders in the connecting, educating and planting, growing, harvesting, and sale of microgreens.

These farmers include children and teens who may be struggling with life challenges, who may need some “connection” with the land and animals, who have been dealt a less than ideal hand in their very young life. The youth enjoy getting their hands dirty, literally or otherwise; helping with growing the microgreens, planting seedlings, caring for animals, farm chores, and yard and garden maintenance. The Microgreenery is also home to adults and elders looking for a connection to the earth, our food source, and our community…all of which happens while planting, caring and harvesting microgreens.

Why we do it?

All of the proceeds from The Microgreenery go back into the community through Partnerships with Jewish Family Services, Langley Meals on Wheels, The Langley School District Foundation, and many other agencies that help youth and families in need. We do what we do because we love to do it! We care for others because we care for ourselves. We believe that EVERYONE is welcome to be the change you want to see in the world…and to us, that is bringing community together to create community.

Each and every subscription box sold fosters community, access to nutritious meals, healthy programs for youth and families, and best of all – BIG NUTRIENTS AND BIGGER TASTE FOR US ALL!

My name is Jacob Sahlmann. I am the head farmer and microgreen technician at the Microgreenery. A natural green thumb with a love for regenerative agriculture and permaculture. Most of my experience comes from trial and error as I started growing microgreens in my basement and realized the health and lifestyle benefits they provide. One of the main draws to microgreens is that they provide huge nutrition, with not a lot of effort; I thought wow a health food that is also a supplement which just happens to be delicious a bit of a no brainer to me. I am currently working towards getting my permaculture certification from Rac Tamachat permaculture Institute. I am a fan of hockey, pick up trucks and all the beautiful creations mother nature has given us.

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